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Drift away to our candle lit, fragrant journey, where you are surrounded by soothing sounds, and healing warmth.

Select from ‘Milk & Honey’ or ‘Vanilla Bean’ fragrances to stimulate your senses with one of the Pamper Me Signature Spa Treatments … 

Sooth your body & tantalise your soul with the essence of New Zealand

We offer a selection of relaxing rhythmical Massage and Body Treatments that soothes away the stresses and tension with mediums to nourish your skin.Your therapist will leave the room whilst you change and prepare for your treatment. Your selection of treatment is only limited to your desires. Drown in the ambiance of pure indulgence or choose a quick treatment to maximize relief and benefit in a limited time frame. Try one once a month to help manage tension and stress held in the body.

Want something that is truly rewarding on every level? Try our exquisite heated therapies including; Lava Shell Massage and Benefic Thai Herbal Spa Massage and melt away.   Simultaneously receive long flowing massage strokes with specific skill using heated ‘tiger clam’ shells or ‘Herbal’ infused balls wrapped in muslin and held in the therapist’s hands, allowing warmth to penetrate deeply into your body, naturally flushing out toxins, with deep tissue benefits and bringing fresh nutrients to rejuvenate the entire body. Just DIVINE!



Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage
$30.00 – 15 min


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
$55.00 – 30 min


Head, Neck & Décolleté
$55.00 – 30 min


Full Body Massage
$85.00 – 60 min


Pre/Post-Natal Relaxation Massage
$90.00 – 60 min


$110.00 – 60 min


Benefic Thai Herbal Spa Massage
$135.00 – 45 min


Ultimate Body Ritual


Experience the ‘Ultimate Body Ritual’ … relax in a candle lit room while you indulge in a rhythmic warm oil massage and a gentle salt scrub. Impurities are removed with hot muslin towels, followed by  a rich hydration mask applied with gentle massage techniques to leave your body silky smooth. This ritual is concluded with an exquisite 30 minute back massage to Repair and Restore.



Time: 1 1/2 hours


Bliss Body Ritual


Experience the ‘Bliss Body Ritual’ … refresh your look on life!  This treatment will offer a little of everything; relaxation, stimulation and rejuvenation.  A mini Spa experience that will tease your senses and send tingles down your spine.  Using warm oil and an exotic salt scrub to remove the old and stimulate the new, this experience is ended with a full body moisturizing mask to leave you Sleek and Lustrous.



Time: 1 hour



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