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Skin Consultation

Free Skin Consultation

Not too sure where to start, book a complimentary 15-minute  ‘skin chat’.

An opportunity to talk with a Skin Therapist and gain support and advice with no obligations, we can introduce you to treatments and home care options to consider. This can also be booked as a Phone Consultation. 

If your concern is anything Skin, we can help guide you through the steps to achieve glowing, healthy skin.

Advanced Skin Consultation

Investment $75 Duration: 45 minutes 

A  Comprehensive Skin Analysis:  Join us for an in-depth skin consultation paired with Skin Imaging. Skin Analysis, Prescription and Treatment Plan. 

During this skin evaluation, we will take skin images to assess any underlying concerns. Often, it’s what lies beneath the surface that reveals the true narrative of your skin health.

Your skin therapist will complete the in depth skin assessment and create a personalised treatment plan and prescription to support your skin condition at home and in clinic.

Feel free to explore any recommendations; however, it’s important to acknowledge that achieving desired outcomes requires dedication. The pace at which results manifest is tied to your level of commitment. Your journey, your choice.

First Time Enzyme

Investment: $260 Duration: 105 minutes

My first professional treatment and skin assessment in one! This session seamlessly combines the advance skin consultation and DMK Enzyme treatment. This is our most popular starting point for anyone interested in pursuing healthy skin, whether it be for maintenance or skin revision.

Let’s get to know each other, and your skin. 

 Our approach involves capturing OBSERV photos of your skin, so we recommend attending your appointment make-up and sunblock free, to achieve images of your TRUE skin. This is followed by a discussion about your skin concerns and goals. Then you will receive a tailored First Time Enzyme experience. This is where we introduce you and your skin to highly active ingredients to revise, nourish and feed skin back into good health.

How your skin responds to the formulations, contributes to the skin assessment process. We need to determine how resilient or sick your skin may be.  If your skin presents with a compromised barrier, our focus will be ‘barrier repair therapy’, if you skin is resilient, we can begin a revision treatment plan. How your skin responds is valuable information to determine where on the revision scale we can begin your journey.

Be aware that this isn’t the conventional beauty treatment; No fluff and buff, it’s a paramedical treatment and your skin is about to experience its first gym session! However, relaxation is definitely part of the equation! Anticipate a comprehensive explanation of your skin’s inner workings, a treatment strategy, and a personalised at-home regimen recommended that is aimed at optimising your results and long-term skin health.

Let’s create a healthy skin plan that works for you and your skin.

ZOOM Skin Consultation

Investment: $50 Duration: 20 minutes

Did you know we can support you from a distance? We have many clients residing across the Hauraki, Coromandel, Waikato, and beyond. 

Book a Zoom Skin Consultation and let’s connect. Once booked in, you will receive a Skin Consultation Form to complete and photos requested, taken in natural light (received back, 24 hrs before the booking). 

You are never alone.

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