Our technician Pauline De Thierry, is trained in traditional Permanent Makeup (PMU) and PhiBrow Microblading as a certified PhiArtist with PhiShading and PhiBold techniques.

Pauline has trained both nationally and internationally to increase her skills and design for the art of micropigmentation. First training in 2013 with the Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College, she has since aspired to perfect her skills and has trained with a range of education providers in both New Zealand and Australia. Pauline is now specializing her skill with PhiBrows Microblading and introduced PhiRemoval in early 2018.

We offer these services in a clean and sanitized manner with disposable needles, quality pigments and professional consultations to meet industry expectations.

Pauline attended the World Master Conference and Gala in Belgrade, Serbia in September 2017 to learn leading edge techniques from the world’s best. Pauline uses these skills back here in New Zealand to perfect the results of achieving the most natural 3D definition brow for her clients and industry.



Pamper Me offers a 30 minute Cosmetic Tattooing Consultation for $35.00

During this time, you will complete the required Client Forms and Treatment Documents.

The technician will discuss the treatment procedure and answer any question you may have. She will also review your consultation forms and your skin to ensure you are in the best health to receive the treatment.

If there is a concern, you may be asked to seek medical clearance from your doctor or specialist.

You are welcome to view our client images on the Cosmetic Creations Facebook page, or the _cosmetic.creations_ Instagram account.

* you will find the link to Facebook & Instagram at the bottom of this page to view images of treatments, training and results.


PhiBrows Microblading


Consultation For Cosmetic Tattooing
PhiBrow Microblading – Soft
PhiBrow Microblading – Bold Brow

PhiBrow Microblading – Shading




PhiBrow Microblading – Colour Burst
from $350+ per treatment

Every 6-12 Months


PhiBrow Microblading – Perfection Visit
PhiBrow Microblading – Shading – Perfection Visit



What is PhiBrows, and where is it from?

PhiBrows was born in Europe, teaching the most beautiful technique of manual drawing of hairs, permanently. It was developed by Branko Babic, who was first to marry the golden intersection with permanent make-up.


How do we get the ideal brow shape?

By using the Phi ratio and Phi divider, the shape of the eyebrows is defined, while considering face morphology.


How can we assess symmetry?

Symmetry is achieved through PhiBrows application and it is calculated while the clients’ eyes are closed, because in that way mimetic muscles that can affect eyebrows’ symmetry are relaxed.

Strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hairs’ growth to achieve hyper-realistic look.

When a client has very few natural hairs, manual technique is combined with the machine in order to get shadows that improve the volume. The combination of both techniques is called PhiFusion.

Treatment is performed with disposable sterile tools (PhiBrush), and pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards (PhiBrows microblading pigments).


Is there any down time? Can we get a better understanding of the healing process?

Colour is extremely dark during the first 5 to 7 days. 7 days later, it loses 40 to 50% of its intensity. If you think the colour is too dark, do not try to remove it yourself by no means. Patiently wait 7 days for the colour to fade on its own after the healing of the skin.


Can I skip aftercare?

Definitely not. Following the correct aftercare contributes to more than 50% of the success. Not following the guidelines may result to colour loss of up to 80%.

Colour duration primarily depends on how oily the skin is. The oilier the skin, the shorter the colour lasts. Sweating and sun exposure also reduces colour fastness. On average, expected time until a new ‘colour burst’ is between 10 and 12 months. *With extremely oily skin, it can be up to 6 months.


*Your therapist will provide you with a home care kit and a Home Care Information sheet to follow for optimum healing results.


Powder Brow Definition by Micropigmentation


Consultation For Cosmetic Tattooing


Powder Brow – 1st Treatment


Perfection Visit Brows


Powder Brow – Colour Burst

Recommended every 6-12 Months



NOTE: PMU/Microblading Performed by other Technicians

Any correction, perfection or colour burst for any client who has received a treatment from another technician must attend a free 15-minute consultation to review pigment retention, colour and design before Pauline accepts to perform the treatment. Cost can start from $295 OR will be advised at full price OR treatment may be declined due to pigment, colour, skin condition and shape. * Your technician will discuss your options including possible PhiRemoval before new design work.


Phi Contour - Lash and Liner Enhancements


Consultation For Cosmetic Tattooing


PhiContour Upper Eye Line – 1st Treatment


PhiContour Upper Eye Liner – Colour Burst

Between 6-14 Months




PhiContour Lower Eye Line – 1st Treatment


PhiContour Lower Eye Line – Colour Burst Required

Every 12-18 months


PhiContour Designer Eye Line


Phi Contour - Lip Enhancement


PhiContour Lip Ombre – 1st Treatment


PhiContour Lip Ombre – Colour burst

Colour Burst every 8-14 months


PhiContour Full Lip Blush – 1st Treatment


PhiContour Full Lip Blush – Colour Burst

Between 6-18 months


Perfection visits $150+ 


Beauty Spot


Mark of Beauty

1 Perfection Visit (6-8 weeks) is included


Perfection Visit & Colour Burst Treatments


Perfection Visit & Colour Burst Treatments

Perfection Visit

A Perfection Visit is Required 4-6 weeks after your first treatment. This Costs $200+


Colour Burst

* A Colour Burst Treatment is recommended every 6 -24 months to maintain the appearance and vibrancy of colour, shape and design. The treatment cost will be advised by your technician and starts from $350.00. If you have lost shape, colour definition and design the cost will be for a 1st/new treatment.

“I always recommend that clients seek my advice when they start to add eyeliner or brow pencil. This means the colour or shape has started to fade. I will then recommend when they are due for the Colour Burst or if they have left it too long and need to book for a new treatment and design”  – Pauline


Technicians Advice;


We suggest you make an appointment with your specialist to discuss your desires in regard to your expectations. The 30-minute consultation is $35.

During this appointment, we will go through your medical history and current medications to verify if you are able to receive this treatment.

We will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.


Ask us to view our portfolio.


PERFECTION VISITS are highly recommended and can be priced depending on your individual needs. Discuss this with your technician at time of booking to clarify the fee for your treatment.

Perfection visits will perfect any areas of concern and will deepen the colour enabling it to hold a lot longer.

Every day activities and product use can contribute to colour fade. Especially during the healing process. Chlorinated pools, sea water, wrong product use during healing, VitA products, microdermabrasion, IPL. Please discuss this with us.


REMEMBER everyone’s expectation of shape and colour is different, we will guide you in your decision, ultimately supporting your needs with professional guidance.



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