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Nutrition Facials


Who said you can’t relax AND get great skin results?

DMK Transdermal Nutrition Facials are our bespoke facials, utilising a unique delivery system in combination with active ingredients to address common skin concerns. Youthful, vibrant skin relies on vitamins, amino acids, and proteins to maintain health and is suitable for all skin conditions and types.

Experience a relaxing introduction to paramedical skin care. With a deep cleanse, detox, and exfoliation to prime the skin for a signature massage and a corrective mask to replenish and repair you skin. Experience deep relaxation and glow. The best of both worlds! 

Eye Fusion

Tired eyes?

The window to your soul, treat them with a fully customised treatment to address your specific concerns.

Perfect for dry, tired eyes, puffiness, and dark circles, this treatment incorporates a lymphatic drainage massage. Feel refreshed, relaxed, and calm while your skin is drenched with our trans epidermal vitamins and mineral infusion.


Nutrition Facial

45 min $130

Nutrition Facial

60 min $160

Nutrition Treatment | Eye Fusion

25 min $90
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