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Making Skin Care more accessible with Payment Plans

Thank you for your interest in our Membership Program!

We truly believe that these plans are the best way to make sure your skin is looking and feeling its best while spreading the cost into easy weekly or fortnightly payments.

Sign up today and start enjoying all the benefits our Skin Membership has to offer!

We are committed to helping make skin care treatments more accessible, and our membership program is one way to do that. We offer discounts and exclusive offers to members, making it easier to get the treatments you need. We also provide educational resources and support to help you understand the different skin care options available to you and how to look after your skin as it changes on this journey, which we call life.

We’re excited to help make skin care treatments more accessible and support you on your Skin Journey.

Step One


Are you interested to learn more about our skin membership program? If so, schedule your Membership Skin Consultation in-clinic by calling (07) 868 7058 or online via the link below.

This is a one-on-one appointment with a Validated, Advance DMK Skin Therapist to introduce you to the Membership Program and Plans we have available.


Skin Consultation Forms are completed, and you will receive an OBSERV Image Analysis and Skin Assessment, so please come with no makeup and sunblock on the skin, we would love to see your TRUE skin in the images.

We will have a conversation about your skin goals, current health, and well-being to learn as much as we can about you, your skin, and what you need from us.

Your Therapist will complete a skin care prescription and recommend a home care routine and discuss options for any in-clinic treatment plan options that are best suited for your skin and skin goals.

The Membership Skin Consultation appointment fee is $100 for a 30-minute appointment. *The treatment fee is redeemable on DMK Skin Care Products at the time of the consultation.

Step Two


If you are excited to start your skin journey, this is where you choose the most suitable plan for you. Complete the Membership Agreement Form in-clinic, Sign up to Payleadr online, and pay the Membership Deposit when signing up via Payleadr (Deposit is x4 weeks of the membership fees). This will unlock the membership benefits and your first treatment. We offer four SKIN Plans to suit your budget and skin goals. Scroll down to view.


Step Three


Once you choose your plan, our team will work together to design personalized & professional skin care program consisting of a series of treatment options. This is where we create a bespoke plan just for you.

Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain. Professional treatments will be scheduled every 3-5 weeks over a 52-week period, these treatments will focus on remove & rebuild (repairing the structure and function of skin and skin cells in clinic) to instigate homeostasis (to encourage normal cell function), repairing skin barrier function, and support the skin into a healthier state.

It is essential to be using DMK home prescriptive products to protect & maintain the health of your skin between professional treatments. Take advantage of the Membership Benefits, including 10% off all skincare and internal supplements, to support your journey to healthy skin.

Step Four


Throughout your Skin Journey with us, we will be reviewing your skin health at every visit, and your progress at home, providing ongoing education and advice. We will align professional treatments and home care routines according to your skin needs and adapt treatments if your goals change as your skin health improves.

Our goal is to build your skin confidence and support you to understand key ingredients and how they help your skin, ultimately empowering you with the knowledge to be in tune with your skin and confident to adapt your skincare routine to prevent skin conditions before they become a concern.

Knowledge is power.

During your membership, your skin therapist will update OBSERV Images annually to review your skin health and schedule complimentary reviews as needed. We understand skin changes; as we age, every season, our  lifestyle impacts, stress levels and health can change,

We strive to provide our clients with the best possible support and services beyond the treatment room.

Interested but want to chat to someone? Reach out and we can arrange a phone call to answer any questions.

Membership Benefits


10% off DMK skincare*

10% off Internal Supplements*

10% off select services over a $150 value *

Complimentary Skin Review Appointments

Complimentary OBSERV Imaging – 1 x every 12 months (annually)

Access to 1 x Annual SKIN WOF Treatment – discounted treatment (annually)

Referral Rewards – Receive a $50 Referral Voucher to redeem in-clinic*


Payleadr Partnership

Pamper Me MediSpa is now in partnership with Payleadr

A simple direct debit billing platform with best-in-class technology to create, promote and manage instalment payment plans, anywhere, anytime.   For customers, small payments over time equal affordability. Flexible plans allow customers to select the day and frequency they pay. The online self-serve forms let customers sign-up 24/7. The Customer Portal takes only minutes to sign up and gives you a secure, hassle-free way to make changes to your payment methods.

Payleadr Fee.

Establishment Fee: $6.00 (excl. GST) – only with the first instalment. 

Failed Payment Fee: $6.00 (excl. GST)

Transaction Fee: 3.25% per transaction (excl. GST)





 Don’t know where to start. Need help building skin confidence and knowledge?

START with small steps. This plan allows up to work together and get the foundations right with a relaxation facial once a month using powerful active ingredients to support healthy skin. Education, maintenance and healthy skin goals start with small changes with long term benefits.


Maintenance Plan – Entry Level

$25 per week  |  $50 per fortnight 

Access to Membership Benefits

12-month Membership

13 x 30 min appointments

Results start with a routine and consistency.

We understand the commitment and respect a budget, so we designed a Maintenance Plan for healthy skin, to remove unwanted toxins and dead cell build-up, we also focus on locking in moisture to increase hydration and respect barrier function. When this program is combined with home prescriptive products, we can support and maintain happy, healthy skin.

This program includes a combination of DMK Nutritional Facials and LED Infusions to repair, stimulate and maintain strong, healthy skin.


Pamper with Power to instigate change and stimulate harmony. Expose your skin to tailored treatments for true nutrition with a punch.


Maintenance Plan – Intermediate

$45 per week  |  $90 per fortnight

Access to Membership Benefits

12-month Membership

13 x 45 min appointments

The perfect blend of pampering and power. Your therapist will develop a tailored skin plan to ensure you benefit from the active ingredients specialized to instigate change and stimulate harmony during the DMK Advance Nutritional Therapies. 

Treatments can also include – LED Therapy, DMK Botanical Microdermabrasion, Alkaline Hair Removal, Prozyme, Quick Peel, AHA peel, Lunchtime Peel, and more. Depending on the combination of DMK Advance Nutritional Therapies tailored to the individual: Your therapist will discuss any prerequisites, including home care support to ensure we are respecting the skin in the clinic and at home, maintaining results, and protecting the skin barrier. This is to ensure long-term results and we abide by the DMK philosophy of Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain. We also have the opportunity to ‘add on’ DMK Enzyme Therapy to HARMONY treatments as long as we have reasonable notice and time available in the booking schedule.


An advance skin maintenance program for the serious skin lover who can not go without DMK Enzyme Therapy, alternating with Medical Micro Needling and Carbon Laser Resurfacing Treatments. Our #1 recommended membership for revising skin conditions and targeting age management.


Maintenance Plan – Advance

$75 per week  | $150 per fortnight

Access to Membership Benefits

12-month Membership

13 x 60-75min appointments

The infamous DMK Enzyme Therapy (L2/3) program, with the opportunity to experience Medical Micro-Needling Treatments (face only) or Carbon Laser Facials (face only. The therapist can introduce a combination of advanced treatments to target multiple skin concerns from Age Management, Pigmentation, improving Texture & Tone, Neck Revision, Acne, and Scarring. There is also the opportunity to ‘add on’ advanced therapies such as DMK Alkaline Resurfacing to DMK Enzyme Therapies or extensions to Medical Micro Needling and Carbon Facial to include neck and decolletage treatment, or DMK Enzyme therapy to Medical Micro Needling Therapies to optimize results, LED Therapies, and Laser Revision, the possibilities are endless to further advance your results as needed and within the budget.


The ultimate skin plan that is tailored just for you and will deliver results using a combination of REVISION treatments available in conjunction with DMK Enzyme Therapy. The best of the best, every time!


Maintenance Plan – Ultimate

$99 per week  | $198 per fortnight

Access to Membership Benefits

12-month Membership

13 x 75-90min appointments

Transform and renew! We understand that you’re looking for a specialized plan to help you reach your skin goals. At Pamper Me MediSpa, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve success. Our team of professionals will develop the ultimate skin plan that is tailored just for you and will deliver results. It is tailored specifically to DMK & SKIN lovers and is designed to help you reach your desired results with 13 treatments over 12 months. With our plan, you can expect to see improvements in your overall health, and well-being as we target both internal and external change. We’re confident that our plan will help you excel towards your skin goals and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Membership includes:

Receive 13 Advance Treatment Combinations (treatment is every 3-5 weeks) at the discretion of your highly trained skin therapist and within the individual’s capabilities, respecting skin concerns and conditions to be supported and revised.

Our team has the opportunity to combine modalities we have to work towards achieving revision and results, in conjunction with DMK Skin Revision and Enzyme Therapy and within the budget of the plan.

Modalities that can be incorporated into the Rewind Plan can include:

  • DMK enzyme therapy (L3 & 4 individually or L1 &2 in combination with other suitable treatment modalities that are compatible)
  • Medical Micro-Needling
  • Carbon Laser Facial
  • PhiIon Skin Tightening Therapies
  • Diathermy (Vascular & Lesion removal)
  • LED Therapy
  • IPL Revision
  • Laser Revision & Pigmentation
  • DMK Alkaline Resurfacing & Hair Removal

* Always follow home care and aftercare advice. Doing this will help ensure you maintain the best results from your treatments and that you care for the skin between appointments to ensure results are achieved and skin is supported. Please don’t hesitate to reach out during your membership, We’re here to help. *DMK home prescriptions and internal supplements are a prerequisite to work towards the skin goals and support skin pre/post advance revision therapies


Why is DMK Skin Care not available for an online purchase?

DMK Skin Care is paramedical grade skincare and is prescription only as the range contains much higher levels of active ingredients in comparison. 

Existing clients will be invited by email to gain private access to our Pamper Me MediSpa DMK Online Shop. 

Any new clients to DMK and the Membership Programs can request an invite by following the link below.

 This will give you the convenience to purchase at any time.

 Please call 07 868 7058 or email to request access


I can’t thank you enough for the referrals. It’s an incredible honor that you think so highly of our service, enough that you’re recommending us to your family, friends, and valued contacts. As a ‘Thank You’, we are gifting a $50 Membership Referral Voucher to be redeemed on selected skin services in clinic*.

You can use the gift yourself, or choose to gift it on.

Please review the Referral T&Cs*



Before you agree to join a Membership Plan, please carefully read the Terms and Conditions, these can be found under the ABOUT tab, Terms & Conditions. 


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