Vein & Skin Tag Removal

Vein & Skin Tag Removal


SPIDER Therapy

For the treatment of Skin Tags, Spider Veins and Cherry Angioma 

Spider Vein Consultation                          $35.00

Spider Vein Treatment                               $90.00+

Skin Tag Removal                                        $90.00+


Treatment costs are per 15 minute treatment sessions. During the consultation your therapist will ask you to complete the salon documents and consultation forms to ensure there are no contraindications and you are in good health. She will them draft a treatment plan and discuss expectations and treatment protocol that will assist in  achieving your desired results. If we are unable to treat you, we may refer you to a skin surgeon for further advice or treatment.


Program purchase 6 x 15 minute treatment sessions & receive 1 FREE


*Discuss your options of Vein Revision and Tag Removal with your Therapist as we have IPL and Red Vein Therapy available at Pamper Me MediSpa as aternative treatments. Let’s discuss what treatment suits you best!



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